“Cinco de Quatro”

Strawberry and Tomato Salsa

Your Gormogons, along with Obama would like to wish you a happy and blessed Cinco de Quatro:

 What could be more fun than Cinco de Mayo?  “Cinco de Quatro” of course as the 5th is our pizza night I just rearranged the meal plan a little to include, Strawberry Salsa and chicken fajitas for the 4th, tonight.  Nothing fancy…then I hear funny news, Cinco de Quatro gaff of the day.  Lovely, just lovely if you’re looking for the hispanic vote?

NC local strawberries are in and for a few weeks we overly indulge in strawberry everything, but tonight I made a strawberry and tomato salsa to go with white Sangria that also contains strawberries.  The salsa is fabuloso made with sweet juicy berries that I found at a local stand today…So don’t pass up the veggie stand on the way home, grab some of those fresh berries and make something with them tonight!

For the two of us I used 1 large, seeded and diced heirloom type of tomato, about 8 ounces fresh cleaned and diced strawberries, 3 tablespoons each of minced, basil and cilantro, 1 large mild jalapeno finely diced (add a pinch of ground red pepper for a little heat or a bit of a hot minced pepper), 8 or so leaves of fresh mint, minced.  A touch of sea salt, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, 2 teaspoons of honey, and a squeeze of cream de tondo (balsamic cream), and finally a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Mix it all up and taste to see if you would like more of one herb or the other…Serve with thin Panzanella crackers, plain pita chips and white corn chips.  Gotta make fajitas, later…