Mother’s Day & Cooking through the Week

Smoked Rib Roast
“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.” -Anon

For the most part I try to stick to a meal plan during the week so I sit down and plan at least once a week perusing and bookmarking recipes from all the cookbooks I have collected.  While I try to choose at least two cookbooks to cook from it doesn’t always work and I more than likely let what is in the freezer dictate what I’ll cooking during the week.  Now with the local vegetable stands open I incorporate available fresh fruits and vegetables into every meal as well.

Having been fooled by the weather once again, we are back to cooler temperatures, 50°nights and 75° day temperatures, so I’ve had to juggle the menu a bit here and there. This week has been busy, but one has to eat so I kept the meals as easy as I could using whatever I had in the house for the most part.

One night I made an Asian style dinner that included a warm udon noodle soup adapting a somen recipe that worked nicely as hot noodle dish, shrimp tempura, and side dishes of sesame green beans, kofuki imo made with sweet potatoes, and chilled Shanghai cucumbers.

Pizza night is always a winner, but I got rained out last week and ended up heating the oven up to 500°instead of cranking up the grill. 

Sunday dinner, Mother’s Day dinner instead of Mad Men Dinner, a few friends came for dinner, one brought his famous shrimp salad, another made a wonderful green salad and I smoked a 6-1/2 pound rib roast and served sides of roasted garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes and asparagus Asiago gratin.  Dessert, local fresh strawberries, vanilla pound cake and vanilla ice cream. Finally a little wine bottle trick brought by Eddie…a fine Mother’s Day indeed.