Pork burgers and Rob’s “famous” Slaw

“If (the Super Bowl is) the ultimate game, why are they playing it again next year?”

Duane Thomas ~ Dallas Cowboys

Por burger Patties

One must love pork for this burger…chorizo, ground lean pork and bacon (hence the reason for ground pork tenderloin) “lean pork”…some day I will find the ultimate
just bacon burger
for my grandson, Jacob so by all “means wait for it”.

Full recipe can be found in “Recipes” under pork and grilling, print options available.

I really liked this pork burger (meaty and rich ½ for me was just fine) and the slaw was perfect or as perfect as I could make it as it was a taste as you go kind of slaw. Unbeknownst to me all of these 30 something years come Wednesday, Michael prefers red cabbage (where the hell did that come from and I hope he is prepared for more cabbage given the size of the ones he brought home). Sweeten to taste is the key as it was on the bitter side when I mixed in the vinegar and honey blend.

Pork burger slaw 1

Highlight of the whole experience were the buns of course, wildly famous KA onion buns and believe me it was a tough call in the bun department, Moomie’s buns or onion buns…

I knew that I wanted a really good bun that would not disintegrate as I like to eat a whole burger with a whole bun intact. Cold as it was today and about 3 hours total we had better than store buns…Have I said how much I love these buns?

Plan ahead and make the romesco and aioli sauces a couple of days ahead and make the burgers a day ahead of time.

Rob’s Coleslaw- Make fresh
Adapted from Suzanne Goin

½ cup red wine vinegar
2 teaspoons honey
1 pound red cabbage (cored)
1 pound green cabbage (cored)
½ red onion
1 large carrot
½ mayonnaise (homemade if possible)
Cayenne pepper to taste
4 tbl. minced chives (doubled from Goin’s recommendation)
¼ cup chopped flat leaf parsley
Kosher salt and ground pepper

1. Reduce red wine vinegar by half in saucepan.  Take off heat, and add honey, stirring until dissolved.

 2. Meanwhile, thinly slice cabbages and red onion.  Grate carrot and combine.

3.  Pour red wine/ honey mixture over vegetables.  Let stand for 15 minutes.

4. Using your hands to toss in mayo, cayenne, and herbs. Add salt and pepper as needed.