Summer Taste Treats for Memorial Day Weekend

Mindy's Fresh Corn

Empty blog night…However Mindy’s Friendly Market saved my butt two days in a row after a full day of grocery shopping and bumming around the second day.  We intended to have a yummy tomato pie (the one time that I don’t mind the little foil pie dish) , garlic bread, and fresh strawberry pie for dinner last night, but we could not handle the strawberry pie after such a late evening.  Then today another run around day, we stopped again at Friendly Market and bought local fresh strawberries and the sweetest bicolor  Florida corn, they do fly it in overnight…so summer is officially here!

Again two nights of my planned menu are trashed and bumped to, tomorrow and the following night.   We finished today with just a few ears of the sweetest corn I’ve ever had, but we say that every year and a bowl of fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, I forgot the pie!  The berries were so sweet and just sitting there waiting…

Mindy's Fresh Strawberries

I certainly hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and despite the fact that Michael is home with an injured back and limited mobility, I will salvage somewhat of a very low-key holiday spirit around here after all what better opportunity to thoroughly enjoy our home outdoors for such a beautiful weekend.

I have mapped out a weekend menu that is not full of traditional cooking out, but rather than that I dove into one of my Spanish cookbooks and yanked easy things for cooking in or out-of-doors.  Should be fun and other than picking up my car (recall WTH with GM again one after the other) we are in lockdown for many days.  We will survive…

Have a great Memorial Day everyone and I’ll be back with some goodies later!