Spinach & Feta Frittata

Spinach & Feta Frittata 3

Chi ha buon appetito non chiede salsa
Italian to English Translation: A good appetite doesn’t require anything fancy

Spinach Feta Frittata

You know that package of spinach that got shoved to the back of the drawer, that last chunk of feta cheese and too many eggs?  Frittata time, make ahead and reheat individuals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I baked them in 5 buttered muffin tins (large) and reheated on the reheat casserole cups setting in the micro convection oven.

Spinach & Feta Frittata

1 dozen large “happy chicken” eggs
1/2 cup whole milk
¼ cup half & half
*Salt optional, the feta cheese adds a nice level of saltiness and quite enough for me
3/4 teaspoon freshly ground peppercorn mélange
5 ounces fresh washed and stems removed spinach, rough chopped
5 ounces crumbled feta
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
Preheat oven to 375°F. Generously butter 6 or 6 large muffin cups.

Spinach & Feta Frittata

Whisk the eggs, milk, pepper, and salt in a large bowl until blended. Divide the spinach and feta evenly in the prepared muffin cups. Fill cups with egg mixture and gently stir, mixing all the ingredients together. Top with chopped parsley. Bake until the frittatas puff and are just set in the center, about 10-15 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, loosen the frittatas from the muffin cups and slide them on to individual serving plates…

Spinach and Feta

Serve with bacon or sausage and fruit salad for breakfast, a big salad and French bread for dinner.

Buona giornata