Pork Chops with Raging Ramen Pan Sauce

Getting back to some basic southern food tonight and taking advantage of our local goodies at Friendly Market over in Morehead City which has wonderful vegetables and plants etc., basically a one stop shop and perfect for taking advantage of seasonal local vegetables.

Now we wanted a good pork chop and I recalled seeing some in the market fridge on our last visit so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with the Berkshire pork products that they sell and I must say that I will not buy another piece of pork other than the Niman tenderloins at another store…Rainbow Meadow Farms is fabulous! I haven’t had a decent pork chop in ages, but that is forever resolved from this point on.

Read about the farm below:

Pan Seared Chops with Ramen Pan Sauce

Now what started out to be a simply seasoned chop turned out to be a rather fantastic pork chop served with of all things a pan sauce that included some of the last of my homemade ramen broth, some butter and a few fresh sage leaves. Now that sauce screamed for mashed potatoes (twice baked and loaded) or homemade rice pilaf. Sounds crazy I know, but I can see many uses for ramen broth after experimenting a few times with little additions to dishes here and there. I didn’t brine the chops as I wanted a good and clear opinion of the Berkshire chops truth be told they didn’t need brining. I patted the chops dry and seasoned generously with salt, pepper and added a little fresh chopped sage before searing. After removing the finished chops from the pan, I added a touch more butter and some flour whisking 1-2 minutes to prevent lumps and to get rid of the raw flour taste. I finally ladled in about ½ cup or so of rich ramen broth. I also had to add a little chicken broth to thin the sauce a bit, turn off burner and add two tablespoons of unsalted butter whisk in, strain sauce, and serve with chops and potatoes or rice.

Pan Seared Chop with Ramen Sauce

For great instructions on pan searing try Serious Eats Lab I needed a refresher course on pan searing to get to my perfect chop…