Where there’s Smoke, there’s Pork

No famous quotes today, but take a look at the following link and drool…

Thinking about this post way back and hoping to find the time to make APL’s recipe sometime soon…
Probably not considered much fun on a hot day, but smoking a pork butt on a grill sure is more comfortable near a pool and the aroma of luscious pork is more than one can stand for 7-8-9 hours. I smell like a pit master in a campground on a holiday weekend, but I had to try a new BBQ recipe and so far I am not disappointed. The normal lengthy cooking time is preceded with preparation of a lot of sauces and ingredients as noted by Adam Perry Lang and not for the lazy cook to even take on unless one recruits several individuals to share the chore from start to finish.

I pretty much followed the entire recipe to the letter because I wanted to, #1,  see if I could follow directions and do the whole recipe from beginning to end with no help.

This recipe is fantastic and one of many that I am trying from his books, started with bowl of red, then grilled shrimp cocktail, on to flat-iron steak marinated in red wine, grilled chicken legs and the wonderful chicken thighs.  Such a wonderful time at the grill with new and updated recipes that use for the most part pretty common ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients APL recipe ingredients lists can be long, but produce layers of flavor on everything.   Most of the time I do prepare ahead so when I did the pork all of the sauces, rub, and other seasoning methods were ready on the day that I smoked the pork, after injecting the poor with the “juice” mixture the roast needs to sit for 2 hours then on to your prepared grill or smoker.  I did a pretty good job of maintaining a 225° -250° temperature I do believe.  It is a long process, but well worth the effort. 

I started the pork pretty early in the morning, plan on a good 10 or more hours, I promise that you will not be disappointed, call your friends have them bring a dish to share, and serve chunks or pulled pork on silver dollar rolls with BBQ sauce.  I have the link posted below because it is too much to type and I made no adaptations to the recipe.  Have a porkin’ good time…