Chili for a Winter’s Day

“Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili.”
Last words of Kit Carson, American frontiersman (1809-1868)
Ninja Chili
Wow, it’s lousy weather for a good part of the country and nothing better to do than to hit the pantry and freezer for goodies to make chili in the Ninja cooker!  I had to send Michael to do some freezer diving ( I have yet to figure out how to navigate the steps to the garage with no props at the top) and he came away with a pound of ground beef and about 3 pounds of thinly sliced roast beef from a roast last week.  I always have lots of beans of all kinds in the pantry and numerous brands of chili spice blends  so it was not a far off thought for a piping hot bowl of chili just as the ugly cold rain pulls in for the night.

For starters, I did not presoak or cook the dried, kidney and pinto beans because I have learned that it doesn’t matter in the slow cooker when the beans cook for 6-7 hours.  So with a slight thaw of the roast beef, it was easy to chop the meat a little finer for the chili since I am not a huge fan of ground beef chili, a mix is just fine for me.  I browned the ground beef tossed in the spice packets from 1 box of “2 Alarm Chili” and a pack of “Shotgun Willies” for the last-minute of browning, add 1/2 large onion, diced, 3 cloves of minced garlic, 3 cubanelle peppers, diced, 2 jalapeño peppers, seeded + minced, a teaspoon or so of oregano, 1 cup dried baby kidney beans (red beans) and 2 cups of dried pinto beans.  Add the chopped roast beef, 1-14 ounce can of Fire Roasted tomatoes, 1-14 ounce can tomato sauce, 1 can of your favorite Mexican beer and 3 cups of beef stock.  Set the slow cooker for 6 hours on high and check at 4 hours for the liquid level and try a bean or 2 for doneness.  Add another cup or two of broth and continue cooking for at least 2 hours.  If you are going to add the masa packets from the chili seasoning, take some of the chili liquid or water and blend it to a paste before adding to the chili, keep on low or buffet setting until serving time.

Note: you might need more stock.  Keep checking the doneness of the beans add moe liquid if you need it…

Serve with a chopped Mexican salad or lots of your favorite chili garnishes, grab a bottle of wine crank up the fireplace and break out the dominoes for a game of Mexican Train.

I hope you are all where you will be for the storm so stay warm and safe.