BBQ In a Slow Cooker

BBQ2Not an original idea these days, but I finally got around to making a slow cooker version of BBQ pork because I wanted to try new slaw and BBQ sauce recipes…I found 4 of the last brioche buns and the BBQ was just the right amount for a nice weeknight dinner with enough left for another two sandwiches for lunch.  The slow cooker was surely the way to go for a small amount of BBQ, but you do sacrifice that all-day cooking experience and smoky flavor that we all love, but a few pinches of smoked paprika will work for a much more mellow pulled or chopped pork.

Add the paprika to the pot when you toss the trimmed ribs in the pot.  I started with about 2 1/2 pounds of boneless country ribs a cup or two of apple cider and for a pork rub a generous amount of pepper, some salt, smoked paprika, a pinch of cayenne, and dark brown sugar.  I did trim a lot of the fat off of the ribs and of course, there was no skin on them so you can forget that crispy touch to the pulled or chopped pork.  One half of thinly sliced Vidalia onion and several smashed cloves of garlic were placed into the pot then the meat and enough cider to come up 1/2 the way up the meat.  After getting it all together in the cooker set it on 6-8 hours low simmer or in my case 3-4 hours on high before removing the meat (toss liquid if you want to), pull or chop the meat and add a favorite sauce cooking for another hour.   I made a western Carolina BBQ sauce that I found at Leite’s Culineria.

Remember to test the tenderness of the pork before removing it from the pot and if easily shredded with two forks, you are ready to go otherwise give it more time before adding in the sauce.  My two pounds took 3 hours and finally 1 more hour in the sauce then I left it on the buffet setting until serving time.  Delicious for a quick luscious sweet and tangy pulled pork.  By all means, add whatever spices and seasoning you like…

In my kitchen:  Half sours almost ready for the holiday weekend.

Half sours3