Portobello ‘shrooms Caprese Style

I’m just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?
Joe Pesci

caprese-mushroom1I know I have a mushroom hater on my hands so when I have the chance for a full-on mushroom dinner I grab it and I have saved one recipe for a long time to make for 1…This was a delicious recipe and I can’t pinpoint the source because I just made notes since it was so easy to prep and broil.

Mince 2 cloves of garlic, add to 1+1/2-2 tablespoon soft butter, and microwave until melted.
Clean the mushroom and remove the dark gills with a spoon, brush the butter over the bottom of the mushroom, turn over, brush with more butter, and season with a little salt and pepper.  
Top mushroom with several (5-6)  grape or cherry tomatoes and tuck slices of mozzarella in, around, and over the tomatoes.  
Broil under low broil until tomatoes pop open and the cheese melts…remove and top with shredded basil and a bit of chopped fresh thyme leaves.  
Drizzle a little balsamic vinegar or balsamic syrup (my favorites are found at Trader Joe’s, the gold and platinum labels)…Enjoy

Print this recipe: Portobello ‘shrooms Caprese