Dipping Noodles, Say What?

The Japanese New Year (正月 Shōgatsu) is an annual festival with its own customs. Since 1873, the official Japanese New Year has been celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, on January 1 of each year, New Year’s Day (元日 Ganjitsu).

Most weeks I have a meal plan to guide me as to what we will find on the table at least 5 nights a week then I’ll open an email with a suggestion and run to see if I have everything to make the little challenge that I come upon.  Today’s mystery recipe struck my “craving Asian nerve” and unless you live in a big city that caters to a large Asian food lovers community or if you were lucky enough to live in Japan for a time, yes you are saying what “dipping noodles”, thanks to chef Morimoto you to can enjoy the fun of slurping noodles dripping wet after a dunk in a lovely spicy warm bath of a dipping condiment/sauce, my perfect lunch today and while I was at it I took the opportunity to cook enough noodles for my quick Pho for another lunch.  So this might become a double post not a bad thing for a rainy or cold day.

The fun of dipping noodles is the acceptable slurping that takes place (check out the video link below), I can just imagine a bunch of kids around a dinner table doing this because even an adult will splatter and giggle a little since you really can’t avoid it as the noodles dangle and wiggle their way into a full-on slurp.

Of course, to make the broth kid-friendly, you must taste and adjust the seasoning scale back on the hot chili oil…I enjoyed The Pickled Plum recipe, but there are many versions online click on recipe link below…