Roasted Turkey Breast Porchetta Roast

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” —Erma Bombeck 

WOW, Mike brought home really good buys on turkey breasts a few months back and while I am not a huge fan of turkey I managed to dive into one favorite recipe that I have made before, but I used a prepared rolled turkey breast roll that I had to butterfly in order to get the porchetta seasonings rubbed throughout the roast and then retied it before finishing the outer seasonings and roasting time.  Well, on the more labor-intensive side of things, I decided to debone a turkey breast., but I did come away with a nice pot of turkey broth after adding the usual suspects, celery, carrots, onions and one leek.  What a great addition to the roasted pan juices and some left for future use.

All in all, it wasn’t that difficult and sure enough, I will use a boneless turkey breast next time.  What a wonderfully seasoned roast with all of the “Tuscan-style” herbs and seasonings as well as a pinch of my own sausage seasoning a nice change from your standard roasted turkey and the smaller deboned roast cooks in about 2-2 and 1/2 hours on a grill/indirect heat at about 275º-325º (might be a little longer so use a thermometer) or in the oven set to a low 275º until internal temperature reaches 15-155 allowing for a resting time covered with foil for about 15  minutes (the resting time will bring up the internal temperature to 16oº or so). The turkey was juicy and moist and thoroughly cooked.

I am used to making “pork” porchetta with different cuts of meat and not much different with the breast, butterfly cutting pockets here, there and rub the herbs throughout.  Then it is.a matter of rolling up and tying the roast and give the exterior a drizzle of EVOO and additional seasoning.  I’ll link to some guidelines on the process and seasoning, but keep in mind you can adapt to your taste.  Kenji-Alt Lopez has a good visual, but he uses the sous vide method for cooking and there are plenty of other recipes out there to peruse, but most stick to basic Tuscan seasonings, to mine I add a little sausage seasoning and some grated lemon zest blending in just a bit of EVOO…

The next night I made some luscious porchetta sandwiches, but I had one lousy piece of arugula that took center stage in the sandwich because of the poor rainy day lighting and a rush to bite into the sandwich…a toasted ciabatta bun spread with a tangy lemon aioli, layered with slices of turkey porchetta that I doused in the pan juices, just a little enough to wet and heat the slices and then I layered in two to three thin sliced pieces of provolone until they melted a little.  See, now you can’t help but focus on that piece of arugula…I took it out before I bit into it, just me, but I have seen worse lettuce in restaurants salads…

Note:  I added some of the turkey broth to the juices along with a few cut ends of the porchetta to season further, simmered for a few minutes

Check out:  “How to make turkey porchetta with your sous vide cooker” over at Serious Eats and be sure to watch the video or follow the link to his other version.


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