National Pizza Day & Grownup Vodka & Artichoke Hearts Sauce Pizza

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six. Yogi Berra

My latest edgy pizza is one that is made with vodka sauce and of course, only Tito’s will do…I had to try it, but for all of the work making the sauce according to the recipe, my today lazy butt could only think, buy a good jarred vodka sauce, but I did make the sauce and the best pizza dough of the month.

It was touch and go with the dough, but in the end and after taking notes and adapting Jim Lahey’s “no knead” pizza dough I would do it again especially on relatively short notice/the morning of instead of a 9+ hour rising dough time on a damp and chilly day.  I am lucky enough to have the “proof dough” cycle setting for the oven so I went there in hopes that in just half the time I would have a nice pizza dough.  Well, as it turns out the proof setting was not getting to 100º so I gave it a boost and set the oven for the lowest setting 170º, shut it off and monitored it with an oven thermometer until I saw 100º and then turned on the proof setting, popped in a cup or so of boiling water,  and the plastic and towel covered bowl of dough.  Perfect. dough in the end and yes it did take 6 hours!

So with that accomplished I focused on we will not go to the store today or tonight, good lord what was I thinking, the response to no pepperoni was echoing throughout the house and when artichokes were somehow translated to anchovies, OMG the sky has fallen for sure!  Focus, eating out of the freezer, pantry, and refrigerator is standard procedure in February albeit beginning just a tad late
into February…

Yes, there is pizza after a shaggy wet dough and as usual, I do weigh the ingredients and I do weigh the risen dough as well/dived into 4 equal portions allow to rest on floured board and covered with damp towel until ready to top and bake.|

Follow the link below and check out the video with good visuals and little pizza baking hints, did I say that I love this recipe?