Two Fabulous Side Dishes

I also like a great Caesar salad with anchovies, although I don’t know why some places say ‘with anchovies.’ If you’re making a proper Caesar salad, it’s going to have anchovies.

Last night’s dinner is worth a do-over at some point in the future, but you must love vegetables, especially cauliflower, and messing around with recipes for a different approach to an old standby, in this case, Ina’s deconstructed Caesar salad.  I rather like this and did little adapting…crispy pancetta was my preference, a much lighter addition rather than thickly sliced too smoky bacon a much heavier addition to a somewhat gently seasoned salad.  I loved the cooked eggs, not quite the softer version that Ina made, maybe just 1 minute less cooking time in the process.  Nothing like a little bit of egg yolk with a creamy drip over anything!  The link below is for Ina’s recipe with a video…

My second side dish is one that was recommended by my daughter and is from a lovely Cook Beautiful cookbook that she gave me for Mother’s Day and I highly recommend adding it to your collection.  The recipe is rather easy and likely will make a side dish to just about anything.

I lined a sheet pan with parchment paper…Oven 375º
Cut 1 cauliflower into bite-sized pieces,  place on the sheet pan, drizzle with 3-4 tablespoons EVOO and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Toss to coat and roast for 30 minutes turning after 15 minutes…get some golden and a little-charred color to the cauliflower..Have ready 1 thinly sliced seeded jalapeno, the zest of 1 lemon, a tablespoon of capers and 3 tablespoons or so of freshly chopped parsley.  Remove cauliflower from the oven and dress with the rest of the ingredients, toss and season with a little salt and maybe a drizzle of additional olive oil…