Hamming it Up Ham & Tomato Jam for Spanish Jamón

Louis Pasteur said, ‘Chance favors the prepared mind.’ If you’re really engaged in the writing, you’ll work yourself out of whatever jam you find yourself in.
Michael Chabon

This week at the cooking club we are exploring Eric Ripert’s Starter Menu items, I chose to go with a delicious appetizer Spanish ham served on a slice of toasted crusty bread spread with tomato jam…now I’ve seen a few recipes for tomato jam and one version of this crusty bread was simply rubbed with garlic and a halved tomato, which is an easy,  quick, delicious summer appetizer treat, perfect for a cocktail or wine nibble selection.

Well, with an abundance of tomatoes sitting on the counter I had enough to make half of the Fine Cooking recipe so our appetizer for our Sunday dinner guests set and I’ll have a dish of celery and olives seasoned with fennel seed, anise seed, lemon zest, and lemon juice.  Wow of all wows and it is rather pleasant weather today perfect for dinner on the back porch.  I also have ready, a nice perky Summer Sangria, some sliced Jamón, and a few other Spanish cold cuts…

Later we will enjoy one of my all time favorite that I don’t make very often, Cinnamon chicken from one of Cat Cora’s book served with simple buttered tagliatelle noodles and a new favorite arugula, fennel, and radicchio salad.

What a fine Sunday dinner and especially nice because I made everything ahead of time and just reheated the chicken before dinner