Summer Carbonara with Corn & Crab

Still, nothing beats real seasonal produce, which is by definition local and therefore more likely to be fresher and tastier…
Mark Bittman

I was reading an article by Mark Bittman and since I planned on some kind of carbonara for an easy Monday dinner while filling this week’s cooking club featured ingredient as well as a recipe from one of our guest chefs, I started with changing the his carbonara recipe from the selected fresh ingredient, zucchini and went with something just as seasonal as long as I was changing the recipe, I decided to go to the extreme I tossed in some freshly picked crab meat, and farmer’s market bacon.  For two of us, I had Michael grill the corn before I cut it off the cob, two ears are enough for two, but if you love corn add more.  For the crab meat about 3-4 ounces at the very last minute, like when you are tossing the pasta before serving and be sure to save a bit for garnish.

Lately, I have been making carbonara sauce using hints from Serious Eats and I notice that Bittman also employs the eggs and two yolks which results in a much creamier sauce for one thing and then I chose to cut the bacon in spaghetti-like strips rather than into a large diced, I just found that it just cooked more evenly and twirled on the fork with the pasta, just my preference.  I blend two kinds of cheese, parmesan, and Romano instead of just one cheese.  Two links below for both carbonara recipes, serve with a salad and maybe some garlic and tomato rubbed toasts.

Such an easy recipe and certainly one of my what to cook tonight choices especially when it is hot outside or a rainy night