Taking it Outside Chexican Kabobs

Q: What do you call a scary chicken?  A poultrygeist.

Yes, I love the theme at the cooking club this week, take it outside and they could run this for weeks, just changing the guest chef every week all summer long to take advantage of the seasonal farmers’ market offerings and these days a lot of the local cattle, poultry, lamb, and pork farmers join in with freshly stocked mega coolers and some the markets offer big see-through freezers and refrigerators on site, just filled with wonderful local products…

Tonight a quick and easy grill time menu…Chicken Mexican spiced skewers, and oh yum the best big bowl southern green beans of summer and grilled corn…

I love to make my own seasoning blends and today cheater Mexican spice blend that works with just about anything grilled and of course for all kinds of soups and stews, the cheater part is a starter seasoning like the Montreal Chicken Seasoning to which I add a few spices like cumin, oregano, chili powder, and sweet paprika, in the end, an easy version to keep on hand.

Skewer a slice of onion between the pieces of chicken and if you are making other veggies I recommend skewering them separately from the chicken and I also like good-sized chunks of chicken rather than small cubes, I think they cook better and are nice and juicy, taking them off of the grill at about 157º and allowing them to rest for 5 or so minutes.

Let the chicken cubes marinate for 10-15 minutes in EVOO, a squeeze of lemon the seasoning blend and add salt, pepper, and oregano if need be…treat the veggies to the same marinade in a separate bowl…use that marinade to brush over all the skewers while grilling.