Insanely Good Cabbage

In the night the cabbages catch at the moon, the leaves drip silver, the rows of cabbages are a series of little silver waterfalls in the moon.  
Carl Sandburg

Life is good and 2020 brings on a new sense of what I call cooking for real so every now and then, I’ll come back down to earth and offer simple family dinner ideas with minimal effort, so let me begin with this simple recipe…of course start with a fantastic bean soup of choice bought or homemade fresh or leftover…

Here in the south loads of cabbage appears at mealtime on any given day, but this day is one that calls for something more than a slaw like a belly-warming piping hot bowl of bean soup with hot buttered cabbage that takes about 6 minutes in the Instant Pot for a cold and blustery day.  I always make and save plenty of “pasta fagioli” for another day and this is what came to mind as soon as my toes hit the floor this morning and I headed to the freezer after I grabbed a hot cup of coffee and as luck would have it there was one head of savoy cabbage in the veggie bin, yep right next to the bag of coleslaw mix and dinner was settled plus I had a lot of free time to look forward to.

Good old cabbage is difficult to pretty up, but here it is in all of its softy buttery goodness. 

YaYa’s buttered cabbage takes only 7 minutes, salt, pepper, a pinch or two of red pepper flakes, 1 pod of condensed vegetable stock, 1/4 cup or more of butter, and a cup of water.  Heat the stock pod water, toss in 1 medium head of savoy cabbage and season with peppers and plop in 1/4 of a stick of butter.  Set and sauté the pot and when bubbly, set manual pressure to high for 6 minutes. Quick-release and reseason to taste if necessary.  

At this point, you can add your bean soup to the pot and blend in or just top off your bowl of soup with a big serving of buttered cabbage, that is the way that I like it…serve with a basket of hot garlic bread, garlic knots and nice wine of choice.  

Serve with some hot garlic bread and a nice wine