Nuts in Your Pasta ~ Pasta alla Caponata

Italian caponata makes for the beggings of a wonderfully easy meatless pasta dinner night if you have some leftover from your last party appetizer or in my case today, clearing the veggie bin and finding just what is necessary for a nice easy caponata.  I have olives of any kind all of the time and beyond that, celery, onions, golden raisins, capers, tomatoes, pieces of red pepper flakes, and toasted pine nuts fills in the remaining ingredients.

Several of our chefs have their own recipes for caponata, Yotam, Giada, Ina, and others, so try one of theirs, but I have my favorite one to play with from a very old Italian cookbook, The Flavor of Italy, that I make time and time again, it never disappoints in the flavor department.  Yotam’s caponata link below.

Of course, the topper is the toasted pine nuts in the caponata…I left the green olives whole this time, but normally they are rough chopped or at least halved, enjoy a meatless Monday or pasta for any day.  My favorite recipe is pictured below.


.link to Yotam’s caponata recipe


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  1. I’m all for nuts in my pasta, pine nuts especially I love them tossed with brown butter and pasta or with other veggies, like you’ve done here!

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