Easy Chicken Enchiladas Verde

Nice scrappy dinners now & then after we did some serious freezer diving and cleaning out, as luck would have it (surprise) two lovely seasoned chicken breasts that I had prepared for the sous vide and to toss on the grill, a last-minute change of mind on my part magically turned them into a beautiful Instant Pot shredded chicken for enchiladas, probably not the best recipe adaptation of Rick Bayless’ but it was the thought that counts, basically I broke Rick’s enchilada rules.  I could have tossed the chicken into the Instant Pot frozen, but I had plenty of time/all day to thaw them out in the refrigerator only because of a whole 13 minutes cooking time under pressure and a mere 5 minutes of sitting time before releasing the IP pressure and it shreds beautifully, so nice.

To the Instant pot add about a cup of chicken stock, the chicken breasts, some taco seasoning, sliced onions, as well as 2-3 cloves minced garlic, set IP on High for 13 minutes and allow pressure to come down naturally after the 13 minutes, save the pot juices and solids.  Remove chicken to a plate and shred chicken.

I added some of the green chili sauce to the shredded chicken along with a cup of pepper jack cheese and moved on to warm the tortillas, fill,  roll and placed them in a prepared baking dish.  I poured green chile sauce over the enchiladas along with more cheese, baked at 350º for about 25 minutes.

My easy green enchilada sauce was made with roasted canned whole green chilies (Hatch is my favorite brand none in the house though), 1 can whole and 1 can diced chilies, about 16 roasted shishito peppers, and all of the solids from Instant Pot ingredients. If your sauce is too thick, thin a bit with a bit of IP juices.  Add a little sauce to the bottom of your lightly oiled baking dish before adding the enchiladas.


Enjoy a bowl of salsa & chips while the enchiladas bake