Favorite White Wine Risotto & Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Marriage? It’s like asparagus eaten with vinaigrette or hollandaise, a matter of taste but of no importance.


We love our risotto around here and with the continuing theme “Need Wants”, choose a favorite guest chef and proceed with the recipe ingredients or use substitutes perfectly acceptable during these times when a lot of items are not available, today I tried using sushi rice instead of Arborio or Carnaroli rice as suggested by my daughter during her last visit and sure enough it was fantastic.  

Digging through old files, there was a note from 2019 suggesting as much along with adding just water, WOW, water, not a problem if you have other big flavors like, garlic, lemon, cheese, shallots, and any other seasonings that you choose to add in at the end.  So with that said I move on to a version like Jamie Oliver’s “white wine risotto” adding in leftover Prosecco.  Link to Jamie’s original recipe below…

Risotto is great any night and now great substitutes are available without stepping out if you have a well-stocked rice pantry. 

A second favorite recipe that I’ve been making for too many years to count is the now ever-popular prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and while I picked out Ina’s recipe, the most extravagant to try, alas no truffle oil or gruyere cheese so on with the parm, EVOO, butter and crispy seasoned bread crumbs for my version…by all means try Ina’s recipe if truffle oil and gruyere are readily available. 

So many recipes to choose from and many recipes that call for bacon as well.