Easy Ramen Noodle Stir-Fry

Without noodles, there would be chaos and darkness.

Another condensed post, but sometimes this is a good thing and I may repost some favorites for spring and summer menus.

Well, cooking from a menu the past several weeks has certainly had its challenges and taken several hits because of many things safety first for us geezers, special shopping time, availability of ingredients, and the list goes on, no matter enjoying cleaning out the freezer and finding goodies that were meant for other dishes and discovering new ones.  I love Asian food and when I saw Todd & Diane’s easy ramen/kimchi stir-fry I knew that it would soon appear on my dinner table with a few minor changes of course.  

While a far cry from the labor-intensive ramen dishes that I have made or tasted in Japan, this dish touched my “craven’ Asian” nerve, and Michael was able to add soy sauce to his dish, always on his Asian food! 

Todd & Diane have a fabulous site so head on over and peruse at your leisure and don’t be shocked if you don’t get hungry and find something fabulous to cook up…

I find plain ground pork pretty bland so after grinding the pork I amped up the flavor a bit, but not necessary if you are not “Asian pantry” equipped to do so adding a bit more fish sauce, garlic, green onions, and white soy into the pork blend worked for me.  The kimchi was mild so the additions were a bit of a boost as was the sriracha chili sauce and Japanese pepper to my personal dish, too spicy for Mike though. Hit the link below to pop in on Todd and Diane, oh, and pay special attention to the beautiful photography!