Chicken Parm Burger

“We all have to take time to eat a burger to appreciate the taste.”

Well, I missed National Burger Day this past week since I was out of my ground beef blend patties and the weather did not exactly inspire us to grill outdoors so I pushed my burger option to Sunday thinking that normally we have something Italian on Sundays most of the time so the thought of something beefy burger-ish just didn’t fit on my alternate burger day, enter the chicken parm burger thought after freezing diving turned up enough chicken to grind for 4 burgers.  I was thinking of making chicken parm, but I wanted something grilled and finally decided to go to a chicken burger of some sort, enter the Italian thought, chicken parm burger and sure enough one needs ground chicken and all of the traditional Italian seasonings to turn out a lovely burger indeed.  

Since we have several guests chefs at the cooking club that have versions of chicken parm it was easy to incorporate some of their ingredients into my own recipe, of course, Giada offers up her version as does Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver (quite an interesting version from Jamie), and so many others from our chosen chefs.  

Poking around online didn’t give me a completely satisfactory recipe, but did offer the basics for me to go off on my own for our burgers and needless to say, I didn’t measure a thing, feel free to scout around and find one that suits you and make changes according to your personal taste.  I noted the ingredients for today’s burger using basic seasonings from an Italian panty that include, olive oil, basil, oregano, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and seasoned Italian panko crumbs.  

 (Hint on forming the patties, spray a little olive oil on your hands) and place on a prepared sheet pan lined a sheet pan with a sheet of parchment paper, cover burgers with another sheet of parchment, and refrigerate until time to grill.  For chicken and turkey burgers I like to use a copper grilling mat to prevent the burgers from sticking on the grates and Mike decided that I would not get the grill marks on the burgers if I did that,🤔

Have ready sliced mozzarella, a favorite bunch of lettuce leaves, and a nice seasoned marinara, enough for the number of burgers that you are making.  I made 8 burgers 6-8 ounces each, your choice…I had garlic butter already prepared so I lightly buttered the buns and lightly toasted them before the burgers were finished.  Serve all on plates and platters for guests to serve themselves.  Enjoy a Mediterranean style potato or pasta salad.  

I like Montepulciano or Pinot Noir with this burger.  

Dessert:  Fresh Peach Cobbler


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  1. It’s hard to pass up national burger day! I love a good chicken burger and find that it can be every bit as flavorful but lighter. Yours look delicious. I have had Giada’s and it is good too!

  2. I didn’t know there was a burger week! I need to get out more. Love the wine choices with grilled beef.

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