Grilled Maple Brown Sugar Salmon

28 wednesday quotesA new to me recipe a saucy grilled salmon portion perfectly sous vide seasoned salmon at 115º for 70 minutes grill or grill pan-seared…

I was making what I thought a Publix salmon recipe, but I neglected to read it before leaving the store so I didn’t pick up a bottle of bourbon-brown sugar seasoning and in the end, it didn’t really matter since the knock off seasoning can be made from easy pantry seasonings and a splash of bourbon.  The rest of the ingredients maple syrup and your choice of BBQ sauce, I had Trader Joe’s “Organic Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce” so the seasonings beyond a little salt and pepper were not necessary as srirachi and garlic say it all in the seasoning department.

As far as measuring goes I grabbed a kitchen teaspoon…4 teaspoons maple syrup, 4 teaspoons BBQ sauce, and a teaspoon brown sugar, thoroughly blended.  Add the salmon fillets (2) to the sous vide bag and spritz the fillets with EVOO on both sides.  Spoon in about two heaping tablespoons of the BBQ sauce blend, remove air and seal the bag according to sous vide instructions, set sous vide temperature to 115º temperature, and the timer for 70 minutes.

Remove fillets from the bag and toss the liquid, pat fillets dry with paper towels, heat a grill pan or grill to high I sprayed the pan with EVOO just before I put the salmon in the pan, brush with sauce, sear for a minute or so to get some grill marks on the salmon, turn brush and sear for another minute.  Finally, serve with additional sauce if you like.