Bloody Marys with Little Bites

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This week the cooking club is talking about “Bite-Sized” and thinking about my weekly menu with Labor Day specials on the list, well what could be better than an ice-cold bloody mary loaded with bite-sized veggies?  Not sure that this will qualify, but choose any of our chef’s Bloody Mary recipes, and go crazy with your little bites.  Today, I lightened up Ina’s recipe meaning greatly adapted and used what I had in the pantry, refrigerator, and spice rack.  My adaptation of ingredients included Clamato juice, chopped celery leaves, and Phillips Seafood seasoning or Creole seasoning for rimming the glass…I added a nice pinch of the seasoning over the top of my drink.
The refrigerator held a bunch of surprises, pepperoncini, fresh peppery long radishes sliced lengthwise, Kirby cucumber wedges, fat Spanish olives, and celery stalks, and crispy pickled okra.


One thought on “Bloody Marys with Little Bites

  1. Of course it qualifies! Anything that you enjoy with your bite-sized treats is good this week. Plus, your drink is full of bite-sized treats on top. Looks delicious!

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