Pan Bagnat…Perfect Summer Sandwiches for an Easy Pot Luck Night

French words of the day:

avoir du pain sur la planche
Literal translation: to have bread on the board

Meaning: to have a lot to do

Pan Bagnat Redux…Fantastic summer sandwichI had a busy day so an easy dinner was the theme of the day perfect for a sandwich and salad dinner…Choose a version of the classic pan bagnat from any of our featured chefs at the cooking club or start with one from Jacques & Julia, my favorite version and there is a  video out there, link below. 

Pan Bagnat “pot luck” night what could be better for a casual dinner, picnic, or a boat ride to the beach, easily prepared ahead of time and works well with your choice of rustic bread.   I had a lovely square loaf of herb focaccia bread, to begin with, Bert’s farm-fresh red lettuce and arugula, tomatoes, and a nice jar of Tonnino Italian tuna in oil.  

I made a shallot balsamic vinaigrette for the sandwich, but any good balsamic dressing will do, simply pour some of the dressing into a small bowl and add minced shallot to the dressing.  To that add some roughly chopped kalamata olives or Italian oil-cured olives and drained capers, alternatively, add sliced shallots to the lettuce layer.

Nothing complicated about the sandwich assembly slice the bread horizontally and brush or drizzle each half with EVOO, top with lettuce spoon a little of the enhanced vinaigrette over, top with a nice fat slice of tomato and some capers.  Finally, pull the tuna out of the oil and distribute it over the tomatoes…my Focaccia was a nice square and made four beautiful sandwich servings.

Note:  The video shows them adding trimmed brie cheese, I didn’t add this time, maybe next time… of course I opted for the fat center slice of soft focaccia.

The ingredient list for Pan Bagnat

Italian tuna in oil
shallots minced or sliced
The rustic loaf of bread of choice, focaccia, ciabatta, french round or loaf
Balsamic vinaigrette of choice
Kalamata or oil-cured olives *
*Optional brie cheese slices

Link to video, copy and paste to browser


2 thoughts on “Pan Bagnat…Perfect Summer Sandwiches for an Easy Pot Luck Night

  1. Ah ha, can’t go wrong with Jacques and Julia. I have never made this sandwich before, but it does indeed sound delicious!

    1. We’ve had the sandwiches twice featuring the last of our summer tomatoes coming from the mountains of NC and our local hydroponic “lettuce” farm. The tuna goes a long way with the two of us, but a whole jar when sharing with 6 friends.

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