French Dip with Caramelized Onion Au Jus

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French Onion Dip Sandwich

I found a chunk of relatively inexpensive eye round roast in the freezer that was meant for an experimental recipe using the sous vide in hopes to bust the theory that it is a tough cut of meat for a Sunday roast beef dinner. So with the verdict in that with 24-hour sous vide time at 131º does result in a tender piece of meat.

Be sure to plan way ahead of time since it takes a long cooking time with about a 10-minute searing time finish.

I seasoned the frozen roast with a touch of Tuscan herb EVOO, granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and then vacuum sealed it for an overnight thaw in the fridge. I asked a few questions at the sous vide site and discovered that I could divide the sous vide time (Michael was concerned about the lengthy overnight cooking time), but I did have to completely ice down the bagged roast after 9-10 hours of sous vide and then refrigerated the roast overnight finishing off the next day for about 14 hours. A finishing sear and the roast was ready to slice some for dinner and the rest for French dip sandwiches and hash. I have a slicer so I was able to get beautifully thin slices for the sandwiches.

I had leftover pans sauce but not enough for the sandwiches so a pantry staple around here “Au Jus” packets were the emergency option incorporated into my caramelized red onions along with the leftover pan sauce.

Yet another stay at home quick thrifty leftovers recipe.