Mid-Week Minestrone

“There is nothing like soup. It is by nature eccentric: no two are ever alike unless of course, you get your soup in a can.”
Laurie Colwin

As it goes some days are meant for a clean veggie bin before the fresh produce arrives for the week or longer and the process usually leads to a one-pot dinner which is the case today…Minestrone in the IP, but inspired by a Marcella Hazan’s version with loads of extras in the seasoning.

Of course, minestrone always photographs beautifully when not yet a finished pot of soup in the end a fabulously flavored bowl of comforting soup perfect to have with an antipasto or charcuterie platter which is featured at the cooking club this week.

Two good sources for charcuterie boards or platters are Giada & Ina two of our guest chefs, so check online or in one of their books for a pretty assortment. I am always making small platters to serve alongside meatless soups especially minestrone or lentil soups.

Today’s minestrone begins with Marcella Hazan’s version of Minestrone all Romagnola with several ingredients additions that I added to the pot. Find a link to Marcella’s full recipe below.

My additions to minestrone:

White wine to deglaze the pot
Tuscan herb olive oil 2 tablespoons
4 cloves minced garlic
1 1/ cups roasted Campari tomatoes with garlic

1 teaspoon greek seasoning
1 teaspoon sausage seasoning parmesan rind
1 chicken and one beef concentrated stock
7 cups of water
two zucchini/quartered and sliced
red pepper flake pinches

small macaroni of choice
*Optional addition small meatballs

I made my minestrone in the Instant Pot today so check out a few recipes for hints on timing for the soup. I never add my macaroni to the IP, cook it separately, drain the macaroni, ladle in a little of the minestrone broth, then scoop macaroni into each bowl at serving time, garnish with grated Parmesan, mixed parsley, and a pinch of red pepper flakes.

Link to Marcella’s recipe via Epicurious:

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Minestrone

  1. I definitely think a charcuterie board would be grand with a bowl of this soup! Even if it was just a small board with a few samplings.

    1. Yes, ma’am and so easy to find lots of goodies these days. One of my all-time favorite celebration dishes a big antipasto with everything Italian, cheese, and charcuterie galore. Always on holiday menus around here.

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