Michael’s Latest Favorite Greatest Burger by…

Brennan’s Burger with Sauce Maison

Brennan’s from “Breakfast at Brennan’s and Dinner, too.

About twice a year I take the time to grind a custom blend of beef for burgers and end up making about 25 burgers to stash in the freezer an easy burger dinner. This time around I had a thick chuck steak, a London broil steak, and a lot of “chunks” of tenderloin saved from the last couple of times I had a whole tenderloin and carved it up into steaks and a nice chateaubriand plus a nice amount for stroganoff this time around…tenderloin is on sale several times a year so it is worth the effort. Another cut that I have added to the mix is brisket, but there are other beefy cuts to consider as well. Again when cuts are on sale you can stock up until you have the makings for a custom blend that you prefer.

Farm stand fresh corn was fabulous cooked in water, butter, slices of lemons plus some juice. Don’t forget the pepper…all because we were out of lemon pepper. Plate and top with more butter and pepper.

Used 12 ounces beef and 1 egg

My changes, 12 ounces of beef fir the same ingredients 1 egg or if the mix is not dry don’t use the egg at all. Makes 3 nice burgers…

I made one change…Use Better than Bouillon/1 cup. Sauce the finished burgers or serve like French dip…

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