Cool Scallop Ceviche for Hot Summer Days

Ceviche is an acquired taste, a phrase which here means something you don’t like the first few times you eat it …
Lemony Snicket

Yes, I do love a good ceviche especially on a hot summer day and no cooking just a delicious way to share and eat great fresh seafood, enjoy a great bottle of chilled Pinot Gris or Prosecco, and a basket of crackers and crispy tostadas.

Rick Bayless has a few very latin style bold flavored ceviches that would be great for a Mexican themed dinner or a pot luck summer appetizer gathering served with bold gazpacho, various salsas and bucket of dips and chips…ceviches are great for casual by the sea get togethers. Shrimp, fish, and scallops would be great choices for his recipe.
You can add a variety of extra ingredients to a basic recipe so today it was an aguachile version that I perked up with a jalapeño pepper and dashes of a hot sauce or sriracha, but not so much to overwhelm the delicate flavor of the chunks of scallops.

I didn’t do a lot of measuring of the ingredients, but I will link to a couple of basic recipes with similar ingredients. The Maine recipe has a brief video as I recall so give it a try for a light dinner or fun cocktail hour.


One thought on “Cool Scallop Ceviche for Hot Summer Days

  1. I agree ceviche is an acquired taste. My experience has been I am happy to eat some, and enjoy it, but after a bit I am ready to move on. I think a salad would be a great way to enjoy it as there are plenty of other flavors and textures to contrast with the ceviche.

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