Shrimp Saganaki & Greek Horiataki Salad

When I Was Growing Up In Mississippi – It Was Good Southern Food … But I Also Grew Up With A Greek Family; When Other Kids Were Eating Fried Okra, We Were Eating Steamed Artichokes. So I Think It Played A Big Part In My Healthy Cooking.
— Cat Cora —

Finally, crack the chilled Ouzo and turn the oven on! What the 68º at last after weeks of 95º + temperatures just in time for a nice Greek style dinner with or without the Ouzo reason enough to have a mini celebration.

Shrimp Saganaki is a relatively easy dinner to make and serve with a side salad of fresh farm stand produce, fresh or dried herbs, lovely olives, and a nice chunk of Feta cheese. I added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice just because it was sitting there. Season to taste with Salt and pepper. Salad done…

The Shrimp dish is easily enough to make if you have at least 30 minutes…there is not a lot of prep work involved so great for a summer dinner and the more the merrier works quite well when doubling the recipe. I have a favorite recipe from a Greek cookbook, “Foods of the Greek Islands”. But feel free to look around for other versions.

Below is the recipe that I used I did add more tomatoes more like a cup or even more: Serve with warm French rolls