Pork Ragu Lasagna again…”Food always comes to those who love to cook”

Who made me eat that?

Reporting back on the Pork Ragu Lasagna…who made me eat that? 

Once the lasagna was made (previous post) I decided that it was certainly way too much for two, stashed it in the freezer for another night.  I was right, that little pan will serve 6 nicely.  Mr. Mike mentioned it this morning and I took it out of the freezer with the understanding that he would have to eat it for dinner for 2 days, understand? 

The me not liking the pork ragu so much had to admit that in this lasagna form, it was pretty good and you can see that when I cut into the lasagna the meat fell out a bit.  My summer freezer sauce comes in handy, but for some reason tonight I couldn’t concentrate on it and I just caught it before it was headed to burn, no problem to the freezer for another small container, perfect for Michael when all was said and done, but sauce was too thick for me and I’m still on the fence as far as the lasagna goes…I miss those slices of meatballs for the meat layer and my thin sauce that my dad used to make.

Maybe next time…