Grilled Steak and Vegetables

Vegetables to Grill

Great grilling weather for a change and there were several vegetables in the bin that needed to be used up so I gathered them, prepped and took out a flat iron steak.  The porcini salt caught my eye as did the “Mediterranean” steak seasoning that I had made last September so the steak got a healthy dose of EVOO and I seasoned it nicely with the spices, finally tossing fresh rosemary and thyme sprigs on the heated grill just before the steak goes on. 

Vegetables tossed in EVOO and a bit of the seasonings, baby Vidalia onions, sliced down the middle, baby Bella mushrooms colorful baby peppers to go with the steak roasted alongside several slices of eggplant for a marinated eggplant that I make.   

 With little effort everything was ready to go early in the day now, today there will be great sandwiches for dinner using all of the leftovers that will go nicely with a bowl of soup or a salad.

Flat Iron Steak