Two Breads

Two Breads

Pan di sudore, miglior sapore. 
  Bread that comes out of sweat, tastes better.

I saved two recipes for bread to get me back into something other than “easy” breads after such a busy November and December, one is the baguette recipe (left) from Essential Pepin and the other is a saved recipe for Pain l’ Ancienne from another source.  The first lesson learned was not to trust an “adapted” recipe because it was quite popular on a cooking site. Not realizing that it came from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice book, I just settled in with the “adapted” version and just a while ago opened the book to see what changes were made and why my dough was not going as described in the adaptation, the amount of flour was considerably more from 4 ½ cups to 6.  This person has a serious flour problem as she went on to say dump 1-1/2 cups on the counter for the bread to rest on, then more flour on top.  Without anymore tales of woe, I’ll move on to Pepin’s bread, it was just fine as I followed his recipe.  Don’t expect bread recipes in this post, trust me go ‘by the book” and I highly recommend purchasing BBA as I’ve had the most success it, but at least I got my mind to focus on good bread and will plod on next week.

I enjoyed the Pepin recipe because I could par-bake the loaves, freeze and take out for another day, the Pain a l’ Ancienne because I’ve been putting it off after several recommendations.  My bread baking list is growing enough so that I’ll bake at least 2 loaves a week topping my list is good multigrain bread when I can get all of the ingredients, not easy around here as not all of the stores carry and I have to order the “red fife” flour.

My biggest regret is that I forgot a bag of great Mediterranean flour that is in the freezer as is a bag of Trigo Fuerte flatbread flour.  So I look forward to using those flours before I order anything else in the way of flour and grains.

Hey Sally, your bread makes mine look like local grocery store-bought!   Someone mentioned a 1/3 cup toasted wheat germ in the second bread, now that was a nice addition.