Stepping Outside of the Grocery Store

Bibb Let6uce, Stilton and FigsRMF Prosciutto wrapped Filet 2While living I want to live well
Geronimo Stilton

I like to stay out of the grocery store as much as possible opting for local vegetable stands for seasonal foods and I also shop at a good Asian store from time to time where there is such a variety of vegetables for my Asian dishes and the prices can’t be beat for many of the condiments as in soy sauce never mind the selections. This past week I stepped away from all the meat and poultry counters and chose to by those products from a kind of local farm in Kinston and boy did I make the right choice, first the Berkshire pork and then the Angus/Devon beef.

Rainbow Farms Recipe Filet 2

If you are interested in a big fat 2′ filet from your local market, read no further as I have just tasted the best filet available to me from a wondrous place called Rainbow Meadow Farms. Flavorful, tender, and rich one steak was enough for the two of us. I pan seared the precious thing for three minutes on each side in a screaming hot pan and allowed the steak to rest while I made a simple, butter/wine pan sauce in the same pan…delicious Sandra and I look forward to more sampling this weekend perhaps the Denver ribs.

Two perfect side of tomatoes Provencal and a salad of butter lettuce, figs, Stilton cheese and drizzles of blood orange olive oil and raspberry balsamic…

Note:  the figs from my tree have been so good this year and I have about 60+ frozen.  It was a good year!

Great dinner and an easy one at that…