Risotto for an Army and Osso Buco for Six


Bomba Rice for Risotto

If you give me rice, I’ll eat today; if you teach me how to grow rice, you’ll never see me again.
Vikrant Parsai

I think that I made enough risotto for an army, but I can find many uses for leftovers if necessary beginning with my favorite arancini.  We had a few friends for a casual Saturday dinner so I made osso buco the day before and finished for 1 hour in the oven before dinner along with the partially made risotto both dishes great dishes to make ahead of time for lots of guests.  A wedge salad with a creamy buttermilk ranch-style Italian dressing and strawberry shortcake filled us up on a stormy kind of night.  Good company and good times…


  I doubled the amount of rice for risotto Milanese and used Bomba rice since I was so low on Arborio.  It worked out nicely, actually better than the standard risotto kinds of rice that I am accustomed to for this wonderful dish.  Any classic risotto Milanese recipe is good, but my addition of mascarpone cheese resulted in a very creamy risotto…


The osso buco was wonderful, gently flavored with sprigs of fresh herbs and enhanced with orange zest as well as lemon zest made for a sauce that I could drink and the best part is that I rescued enough to add to another osso buco with either a pork or veal shank version.  Often I can find veal stew meat and that works well, but certainly isn’t braised as long as the shanks.  Osso buco is not a very difficult dish at all beginning with a classic Italian soffrito, browned veal braised in the oven until very tender, and finally a nice touch of gremolata just before serving. I add a thinly sliced leek and small fennel bulb, diced and sautéed with the other veggies.

I adapt my recipe often and I do like some sort of tomato product included, this time a wonderful rich Amore tomato paste in a convenient tube…I seldom use tomato paste and leftover paste from a small can will always go into hiding or when stashed in a freezer zip bag will slip into a deep space beyond reach.

I have to clean up and rewrite the recipe with adaptations and you will find it in recipes when it is ready to post…A good classic osso buco recipe (one that I use as a go-to version) is one from Marcella Hazan found in Essentials of Classic Cooking which is now available on Kindle and while the online recipe goes into great detail, it is a good one to work from…link below: