Dinner Scene Stealer…Salad! Veal Chops with Toasted & Herb Bread Crumbs

iPhotoYes, Cissy you missed a good last minute dinner addition!

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet”
Fran Liebowitz
…and oh my goodness watermelon, peach and tomato salad.

Michael and I enjoyed a nice breezy 87º out on the porch and a brief while grilling, sit by the pool…beautiful quiet evening the time that one loves that is not in the 90-100º’s range, ridiculous pool temps lately to boot absolutely nothing refreshing about that.  

I did nothing more than toss things together for each dish, no recipes, but I will take questions.

Some days are not meant for an oven on experience and the grill is the appliance of the night for the veal chops and foil wrapped roasted herb potatoes since I don’t want to clean another pan,  let’s face it the left hand has dropped and broken a few things lately so I am not about to pick up a cast iron skillet no matter how badly I want a wood floor instead of a tile floor.  So no hand complaints because it is doing more than hunt and peck typing now.  

A simple toasted bread crumb mixture seasoned with fresh herbs, a shallot and anchovy was ready for the grilled Tuscan style veal chop, but it just so happens that I forgot the crumbs for the chops because I was so busy eating the salad and having so much difficulty using a “steak knife and fork”…oh well, another day and plenty of bread crumbs to be had.

I immediately fell in love with the “salad” just because it is summer, SC and NC peaches are abundant as are the fresh tomatoes and Bogue Sound Watermelons.  Simply dressed with my beloved Rosso vinegar (hint to daughter I’m also out of white) , TJ’s EVOO, salt and freshly ground pepper.  Oh I forgot the tiny purple basil from the struggling herbs in pots…too much sun this year and they will now be relocated to a suitable location fit for herbs.  I wanted to add a bit of mint, but honestly the damn pavement was so hot that I just said, “see ya next time”.

Great dinner and I thank my good friends John and Janet for stopping by with the happy chicken eggs…cluck on ladies.