Shiny Red Shoes and Sunday Sauce…

I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I’m a big shoe girl.
Amy Adams

Homemade Sauce

Another rainy day forecast and what could be more comforting than a wonderful tomato sauce bubbling away on the range and add that the shiny shoes that I chose to break in while cooking can lift one’s spirits on a dreary day…It was an eeny meeny moment which ones, red or the black and copper shiny shoes?  Red sauce, red shoes, and Sunday “Italian”music to cook by…

I started with a small tray of fresh Roma tomatoes roasted for about 30 minutes to draw out some of the water in the tomatoes and a few cans of pantry staple San Marzano tomatoes.  Reserve the roasting liquid and drained juice from the canned tomatoes, best to keep it if you need to thin your sauce a bit.

For the meatballs I brought out the frozen Bolognese meat blend that included some lamb, pork, and beef and made it even more Sunday special with the addition of prosciutto, as well as pieces of porcini dust as well as fennel dust.  Finishing with the usual meatballs additions…

Semolina Spaghetti

Semolina Dusted Spaghetti – Drying

The fresh spaghetti was a bit of a challenge today I ended up adding 1 more egg yolk and a little water to the dough and as you can see it worked out just fine in the end.

As far as the sauce goes, I kept it rather simple and while it wasn’t my father’s sauce which no one with the exception of one of my sisters and her husband has ever mastered even though several claim they sat and wrote down the recipe or got another’s version…you had to have a hands on making the sauce with him if you ever would succeed. My sister is however sort of mad scientist in the kitchen and just gets it right!  What is so funny is that her directions take a good bit of time to write down when she dictates as she is so explicit, not noticeably different from the version that I have, but it is that hands on experience under his tutelage that gives her the advantage.

It is a rather involved process that I make about once or twice a year and trust me two days of the process is a daunting task which includes prepping the meats for the sauce and making meatballs then hope you have enough homemade sausage in the freezer for the best meatballs that I’ve ever had.

Thinking ahead, I just might take on the ask of dad’s sauce since I’ll need plenty of stashed goods in the freezer after the next hand surgery.


Inspired, the sausage is made and packaged away  on the freezer.  If the Ark goes out over the weekend I will gather the rest of the goods for a really big version of dad’s sauce.