Simply Good Simple Home Cooking…Vegetarian Dinner Frittata

You can be vegetarian and eat fish. It’s your choice, just say: ‘I am what I am.’ There are no hardcore divisions anymore.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Burrata and Olives

Broccolini was abundant and so fresh that I couldn’t resist the perfectly packaged containers meant for 2-4 and armed with great cheeses as well as the last of my “happy chicken” eggs a frittata seemed to be the logical easy dinner solution on another day of catching up with everything and anything, leaving plenty of time to concentrate on a knitting project that seems to never end…

I have made many frittatas and my one & only cherished seasoned cast iron skillet seems to be the perfect pan that keeps the frittata as close to perfect that I will ever get, but I think that a 10 inch skillet produces slightly higher frittata…the picture is pretty lousy, just call it another lack of daylight shot.  I had a warm crusty loaf of French bread, a buratta cheese and olives plate to go with the frittata and we were happy campers and there is enough left for breakfast when the sun comes up???

I cooked the chunky baby Dutch potatoes with garlic and in vegetable broth until tender and simple additions salt, pepper and touches of fresh herbs when they were finished.

I adapted a recipe from “Easy Vegetarian One Pot”, but my copy has yet to be delivered so I have a link to David Leite’s post and I will make note of my additions or changes to the recipe.

My additions were 4 ounces burrata chunked up, 1 large shallot instead of a red onion and a few fresh herbs and a few crushed red pepper flakes.