Mikey Likes it… Chicken Tikka Masala

Cooking and gardening involve so many disciplines: math, chemistry, reading, history.
David Chang

I was listening to a teacher talking about homeschooling at this time and how to keep children, active, interested, and productive to fill their days of learning at home out of the school lesson plans, she highly recommended taking them into the kitchen to assist in food preparations for the whole family or just making a simple dessert, Chang says it best…it doesn’t need to be complicated, but there are lessons to be learned indeed.

A great new addition for my keeper curry file and a relatively easy recipe to make once you get over the list of spices that I premix for several Tikka recipes.  At first glance, you will run screaming from the list, but as you look further, most spices are just duplicated for the two-step process.  Madhur Jaffrey is my source for the recipe and with one or two slight adaptations we were well on our way to a tasty Indian dish, but I wasn’t sure that Mike would like it, as it turned out anything with plenty of sauce is good with him.  He thought that it was going to be too spicy hot which I would prefer, but with about 1/2 cup of sauce left in the pan, it was an obvious indication to me that Tikka Masala was a hit with him.

The previously marinated chicken kababs take about 10-15 minutes on the grill and had a bit of char and were very tender chicken bites…and a note here is that I had to put off dinner to the next night and the 18-hour marinating time didn’t seem to matter in the end.  

I did have to make a substitute since running out to the store on a whim is not like it used to be so my advice start making a weekly menu plan to make the best out of limited shopping trips…the recipe called for plain yogurt and one small container was outdated from the store (look at those dates when buying) I ended up using sour cream with good results since I had often interchanged the two over the years.  As Madhur suggests, play with the seasonings, but in my opinion, unless you are aware of the Indian flavor profiles for such a dish, step away from the spice cabinet as things can go bad rather quickly.

Enjoy a taste of India, simple as the dish is and think of serving a fattoush salad, jasmine rice, and fresh warm pita bread.


Follow the links below for a video and the recipe.

   the happyfoodie recipe link

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