National Cookout & Derby Day…Burgers

The best stories are like the best burgers: big, juicy, and messy.” 

Well, the Kentucky Derby virtual horse race is on and today we celebrate the first front yard socially distanced, of course, cookout with a few friends and a nod to the derby.  Derby cheese straws to nibble on while the burgers and dogs hit the grill and off to the races, LOL.

This week is like the last few weeks over at the cooking club choose a chef and an inspirational recipe from our guest chefs, do what you can in your adapted version.

Thinking about Curtis’ Stone’s burger menu, but I don’t have the condiment ingredients or few of them.  I love kimchi ketchup, but my friends probably won’t go for it except maybe just one, so not worth the trouble.  I don’t have that siphon thingy so the cheese “whiz” is not possible, but the usual burger sides, I do have, onions, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc. thanks to the local veggie stands, which in my opinion makes it quite suitable for a good cookout.

So there we were plucking everything beef out of the freezer to make hamburgers for now and later, but it all began with “The Great American Frontyard Cookout” and I realized that I only had a couple of patties, not quite enough for our group “socially distanced” of course, cookout in the back yard/front yard, I consider my canal front my front yard…

We found a single ribeye steak, a package of beef short ribs/boneless, beef chuck roast,  and Mike scored a beef brisket at Publix, so I took a chunk of that to toss into the mix, overkill, maybe, but nothing goes to waste before the “Freezer Burn” monster shows up.

Today’s Blend, sorry no Wagyu

I cut the beef into long strips as it is easier to handle and you can alternate the types of beef strips to get a good consistent ground blend, today’s blend…the amount of each meat varies, check out custom burger blends online and design your own juicy burger blend.
chuck roast
beef brisket
    beef short ribs
rib eye steak

Weigh out into 4-ounce patties (larger if you like), use burger patty paper to keep the burgers separated, flash-freeze, and store in vacuum-sealed bags.  Link to Curtis burgers 









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  1. Look at you celebrating Derby! I like in Kentucky and it was a beautiful day for once (it always rains on Derby). the burgers sound delicious!

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