Perky, Tasty Pickled Shrimp

We gather this Memorial Day “honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

An evening of appetizers with friends on a holiday weekend is always fun and as we have learned, a tableful of goodness when everyone brings an appetizer that in the end qualifies as a full-on meal.  Thanks to good friends for their fabulous contributions…

My dish was a favorite pickled shrimp recipe, my go-to from a southern chef, most would turn up their noses at the thought, but it is very good and shrimp lovers have never turned away.  Easy enough to make with few ingredients with an overnight marinade in the seasoned brine.  As I seldom have but a few leftovers so  I can’t know how long they will keep can be kept in the fridge submerged in the olive oil brine.

I find it hard to believe that I have never tasted this lovely pickled shrimp dish before, none of my “southern” friends in NC have served it, perhaps because it is more popular further south as I have tasted versions in SC and Georgia…I’ve made the pickled shrimp for about 15+ years and it always surprises the hesitant tasters.  There are so many versions out there so try one or many this summer and find your favorite, so easy and versatile perfect served over a cold salad or my favorite for a simple lunch over avocado slices.