Winner, Winner Lobster Dinner…

Europe’s the mayonnaise, but America supplies the good old lobster.
D. H. Lawrence

An overloaded split top brioche hot dog bun was filled with a light no mayo version of lobster salad that I drooled over was the treat of the week. Chunks of succulent lobster gently seasoned with drizzles of melted butter, salt, pepper, and lemon juice stuffed into a buttered and toasted bun…Mike doesn’t particularly care for lobster so I can get two meals from one 1+1/4-1+1/2 pound lobster the second dinner for tonight is going to be a Carolina Gold rice and corn risotto which he will eat with out the lobster so I will once again enjoy.

I managed to make a bit of lobster stock from all of the shells for the risotto with simple additions of Bert’s fresh celery, shallots, Phillips Seafood Seasoning, garlic, fresh thyme, pepper flakes, and a bay leaf, salt and pepper all simmered for an hour or so, strained and portioned out for the freezer and another soup, stew, or cioppino.


Find Ina’s warm lobster rolls recipe on the FoodNetwork site: