Sweet Corn and Lobster Risotto

Life is like a county fair.

This week at the cooking club is a “Worlds Fair Food” themed week and while some different foods make it into the fair food category I would rather head to a state where I can enjoy a lobster anything and while looking around I found several lobster fair food ideas including a lobster roll and oddly enough, a lobster risotto served in a disposable portion cup. For some reason, I can’t jump on the deep-fried lobster on a stick from the Minnesota State fair...

I made the rice with half of the lobster salad from Ina’s recipe from the night before, but who can say leftovers when lobster is involved? Mike even managed a few bites of lobster in the risotto and I don’t think he noticed because his focus was on the risotto.

For this recipe, I used Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice as well as their risotto recipe adding my touches to the sautéed in butter fresh corn from the cob (3 ears) seasoned with salt, lemon pepper, and a pinch or two of Phillips Seafood Seasoning. The link for the risotto is below.

So when you see that lobster on sale treat yourself to two great summer dinners.



2 thoughts on “Sweet Corn and Lobster Risotto

  1. I need to go to the fairs you’re researching! Wow! They sound like total food festivals. I would love some risotto in a disposable cup or any cup, especially with some delicious lobster. Love it!

    1. Oh Kim I look at seafood and just think of lobster in the summer as it is beyond what I can buy “off the boat” here in NC. Typically seen at New England summer State Fairs and shockingly at a Minnesota fair, I can’t imagine fried lobster. I love ma a good lobster roll and having lived in NE there is still a war on for the best lobster roll front. What a great theme of the week. Thanks.

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