YaYa’s Sunday Chicken Soup & Focaccia

Dinner for Two

Freezer diving over the weekend for a whole fat chicken resulted in the star ingredient for 3 wonderful dinners…

Halved roasted chicken in and under cast iron pans.

Oh what a timely cooking club contribution indeed.

Several of our guest chefs over at the cooking club have recipe versions of “chicken under a brick” so any version will do. In my case I used another cast iron pan as a replacement for the brick and tossed in a couple of quartered lemons over and around the chicken in the pan before placing the pan/brick over the chicken.

One roasted “chicken under a brick” really does equal three + dinners in our home. A beautifully roasted chicken dinner, two soup versions, and maybe stock for the freezer. I start with the leftover chicken and make a super flavorful stock that will be the base for YaYa’s Sunday chicken soup and for the Senegalese chicken and peanut soup. Again I headed for the freezer for containers of previously made chicken stock (4 cups), then to the refrigerator for that precious jar of Better than Bouillon (Thanks Cissy), and added another 4 cups of water along with the recommended amount of BTB.

From there I toss in all of the other ingredients for my stock including the remaining half chicken, various spices, herbs, fresh vegetables suitable for a great pot of stock. When the stock is strained, the meat carefully picked from the bones, and ready for the two soup recipes one on to make that Sunday chicken noodle soup reserving the rest for the chicken and peanut soup. Make your own best chicken soup or follow the link below for the very unique and delicious Senegalese Chicken and peanut soup…


YaYa’s Sunday Chicken Soup

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