By the Sea Chicken Soup Day

Garnish with freshly grated part, pinches of red pepper flakes, and chopped parsley

Easy summer cooking around here lately mostly because the temperatures makes one not want to run an oven for long or maybe not at all. We turned on the grill rotisserie one day and we have three dinners from 1 big fat roasting chicken. The first night we feasted on the juicy bird, toaster/airfryer oven lemon asparagus and my favorite roasted baby potatoes. Next a big pot of soup for us and some friends, yes, even in the summer chicken soup is good easily transported for a beach rental fast dinner.

“Of course you are not overlooking the Italian Riviera while slurping fresh oyster & Chilled Prosecco”

Here on the coast it rains pretty good on some hot summer days and today was no exception from time to time and gazing outside prompted me to go to the comfort food zone with leftover fat grilled rotisserie chicken. I started out making a version of Gialda’s Pastina soup, but quickly discovered that I needed to really pull veggie bin items and add into the simmering pot…no peas, but I did have some carrots, celery, a single leek, and several fresh herbs. I always have several pasta choices, but not the little stars called for so taking the soup to the seaside I thought that baby shells would be a great stand-in but any small pasta will work as well especially tortellini for a heartier version.

Ina has a pretty good recipe as well so somewhere along the line I acknowledged both and ended up with a more Italian seasoned pot of soup perfect for a rainy night by the sea…perfect with a big company worthy Italian chopped salad and a warm loaf of Italian or homemade garlic bread.

Serve a nice bottle of Pinot Noir with dinner and enjoy your rainy day “by the sea”…cheers
My chicken soup add-ins today, Chopped San Marzano tomatoes, basil, oregano and a touch of marjoram. A bit of chopped fennel, 1 chopped leek, chopped parsley, and finally a bit of crushed red pepper.