Sunday Zuni Chicken with Bread Salad


There are so many people who love a good Sunday roasted chicken and of course there are just as many recipes, one of my favorite recipes is from the Zuni Cafe cookbook, certainly labor intensive if one is not prepared so read the recipe thoroughly and have all of your ingredients ready.  I season the chicken as instructed the day before refrigerate overnight.  For the most part the bread salad can be made ahead and heated just before the chicken is finished as instructed.  Be careful with the oven temperature because this chicken does some splattering and smoking.  I actually roasted the chicken at a temperature of 400º after the first 10 minutes of roasting time.

Thank goodness the Zuni Chicken and Bread Salad recipe is available online because if I had to type out the recipe as written in the book it would probably never get posted.  The only thing that I changed in the recipe was the method of toasting the bread cubes as it is much easier for me to control the toasting in a pan rather than in an oven and I like the texture more than a totally crunchy “crouton”.

An added bonus comes into play for leftovers,  simmering the entire carcass, any of the skin, bones, and any remaining pan drippings for a nicely flavored broth to use in your favorite gravy recipe.  I made a roux with butter and flour adding the stock and little salt &  pepper (sneaking in a little pat of butter at the end), perfect for leftovers.  Try a hot chicken open-faced chicken sandwich.

A great easy side was a very good baked corn casserole…Recipes/Vegetables



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