The Absolute Best of Summer and Pardon My Sloppy Bowl of Soup Picture…

If a D.C. event doesn’t have crab cakes, it’s low-rent and you need to flee. Tony Hale

Without a doubt, the best of every summer in the south is a nice bowl of she-crab soup and thanks to a couple of fantastic neighbors, John and Janet,  I was graced with some freshly picked crab meat and, and, and wait for it, and the roe!  I know that there are easy dinners out there, but you can hardly beat such an elegant simply delicious 30-minute bowl of deliciousness like a rich bowl of southern she-crab soup.

I was out to lunch with a friend and I was stunned at what one local restaurant considered a she-crab soup, not at all what I expected as it was a rather thin broth with all kinds of totally unnecessary ingredients, like cubed potatoes.  Then there are others that make some kind of gummy stick to the bowl version with very little crab meat in the bowl, ewww and I can’t understand why anyone would take such a departure from that ruins the bowl of intended lusciousness.  While I have numerous recipes nothing compares to what I made last night, Charleston’s Rutledge House original she-crab soup from Mr. Deas lost recipe….links below, enjoy.  There are so many claims to the”original” recipe, but I love this recipe and will make it over and over.

I know we went a little nuts serving cheddar bay biscuits alongside, trust me a biscuit and a small bowl of soup was very filling and I cut the recipe in half with still enough left for a small bowl or two left for lunch.  I didn’t change or adapt the recipe, well, maybe one little change, I added a very finely dice half a small shallot to the pot gently saute with the celery.






The Lost Recipe of William Deas