Salisbury Steak

I’ve never seen Salisbury steak on a restaurant menu. It’s only in frozen dinners. Is there something we should know about that? What IS Salisbury steak anyway? And where do they hunt or harvest the salisburies?  
Kelli Jae Bael

Not your retro TV dinner style…Wow, what a big hit with Michael and a keeper recipe for sure and since I really have never made Salisbury steak from scratch so I didn’t have a recipe to relate to, thankfully popped into my mailbox and I was able to use what I had in the house and nothing complicated to deal with…link to for the original recipe and below I have listed my slightly adapted list of ingredients…

One favorite ingredient addition was the Asian fish sauce, just a splash or two, substituted panko for the bread crumbs, 3 tablespoons of minced shallots, baby bella sliced mushrooms, and beef stock for the broth.  I made the patties out of my house blend of ground beef 

Very good and will go to the family favorites file…